Material Locator


Cartridges (for respirator)

Fragile Labels:

Gloves: (For casting)


Utility knife:

Utility blades:

Sharpies: (tracing out patterns on fur)


Ribbon: (belt loops on tails){I prefer 1" but I can only find 1 1/2" online but it works nicely as well!}

Paint: (silicon coloring, mask painting, eye painting, some drybrushing)

Tooth brushes: (Why? Because they are GREAT for grooming and paint blending in places normal slicker bushes do not fit such as eye sockets and between horns)

Paint Brushes: ( I prefer to dry brush over airbrushing, I have had the best results with both painting and clean up with plastic handled synthetic bristle paint brushes.)

(sculpting resin base forms) {this is a permanently solft clay}
(Sculpting teeth, tongues) {This is a bake-able clay}
(Monster Clay) {This clay is great for detail sculpting on jawsets and similar items.}

Apoxie Sculpt:
(the clay I use for lips. jowls, and custom eyelids. )
(pink, the color I use on albino characters)
(for when you need to use a lot this is a lighter weight option. Will need to be painted over. )

Hinge material:
(The shutter samples work really nice, can be cut with scissors, come with pre-drilled holes for hardware, and will not squeak or snap like resin)
(Not to mention you can get them at Menards for free!)

(5mm thick-ear forms-black)
(3mm thick- chin liner and eye protectors-black)

Duck Tape:
(For DTD's)
(For everything else)

Hot glue:

Eye Blanks:
(Med Feline, Med Canine, Big Cat, Sight Hound blanks take 1 1/4" )
(Horse, Caribou, Deer Blanks take 1 1/2")


Liquid Latex:
(For hooves)

(for pawpads and tongues) {Dragonskin fx pro}
(for brush on molds like resin bases) {Rebound 25}
(For pour molds like claws and teeth) {MoldStar 30}

Silicone thickeners:
Thi-Vex (eye dropper bottle size you only need a couple of drops)

Silicone tub opener:
(Your gonna want this to open the gallon tubs. It's damn near impossible without it)

{Smooth cast 300 }
{Smooth cast 325 color match}
{smooth cast Onyx}

Resin dyes and fillers:
(added to uncured resin)


(for wefting long hair or manes)

(For shaving the fur on faces)

High density foam: ((WAIT FOR IT TO GO ON SALE!! Joann's regularly has foam 50-70% off. If you pay more then this you are getting screwed. ))

Shoe Goo:
(for putting bottoms on feet)

(What I use to attach crystal accents)

Spay adhesive:
(Used for my gold earliners);gclsrc=aw.ds



(semi gloss)



Sewing machine I use:
(there are better machines out there but this is a great starter machine! I have 3 of them!)

Sewing machine needles:



Heat gun:
(Cutting bases is SO much easier with this)

Sand Paper: (For eye sockets and EVA foam edging)

Sanders: (for sanding edges on bases and claws)

(Needed for cutting bases);dpSrc=srch

Dremel Sanding head: (for smoothing cut edges on bases)

Dremel 1 1/4 cutting wheel (for rounding out eye hols on 1 1/4 " eyed bases)

Dremel EZ lock: (for easy switching of cutting blades)
EZ Lock Blades: (For cutting bases)
(for rounding out eye sockets on 1 1/2" eyed bases)

Glue gun:
(little detail gun)
(big gun for large areas like feet)

https://dreamvision-creations.mysho.....ctions/antlers (And other cool products)

Sharps Container:
(You need one of these for stick pins, broken sewing needles and razor blades! DO NOT SIMPLY THROW IN TRASH!)

**Note these are only what I use, research your project before starting as there may be other materials that can better suit your needs.
*****IF ANY LINKS ARE BROKEN PLEASE LET ME KNOW SO I CAN FIX THEM! Didn't find something, let me know and I will add it if I can find it/vouch for it!